As a limited distribution specialty pharmacy, we help your products reach the right patients.

TNH is your trusted specialty pharmacy when choosing to dispense. As our partner, you will enjoy:

  • Easy communication and transparency of services
  • Special login access to the TNH Live Portal system
  • Access to monitor product use and delivery
  • Enhanced delivery services
  • Necessary tools for product dispensing

Our easy and accessible portal system has significantly catalyzed productivity and satisfaction with our partner manufacturers and we hope that you will connect with us to benefit from the TNH partnership.

Manufacturer Benefits

Product Launch

TNH offers a comprehensive range of expertise in assisting with new product launches. Our partnerships with pharmaceutical manufacturers can help launch products of any form into the necessary patient population. Some of our specializations include:

  • Help develop effective distribution strategies before launch
  • Help develop distribution access to target markets
  • Internal sales force support
  • Help educate physicians and patients about your new drug
  • Assist in developing your compliance program
  • Help collect feedback and report it back to you

Existing Product Support

Our specialty pharmacy services can help you fulfill support for your existing products. Some of our services include:

  • Educating patients, pharmacists, physicians, and nurses
  • Helping avoid and managing adverse side effects
  • Providing home healthcare services to supplement treatment
  • Monitor compliance
  • Manage refills
  • Provide financial assistance and billing support

Our patient adherence methodology allows us to achieve successful patient compliance through:

  • Analyzing patients’ medical history
  • Assess risks and verify treatment recommendations
  • Offer individualized holistic patient care
  • Intensive monitoring and evaluation practices
  • Quality assurance for positive and cost effective results